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The new album of Hooverphonic exists because of the form different vocalists from five double portions. On numbers 1 and 2 you hear the same voices in numbers 3 and 4 you will hear a different voice on numbers 5 and 6 yet another etc. Each pair numbers consist of a single and an album track. A little to the principle of the old 45 tour singles on vinyl. Thus the idea for this beautiful box with five vinyl singles each created an A and a B-side. Hooverphonic scores with Badaboum already a smash The charts in Belgium do not lie with a No. 1 ranking in the national airplay chart and No. 2 in ultratop. The video for this single view you above. The single is the forerunner of the album In Wonderland which opens on 18 March 2016. On In Wonderland you hear multiple voices both male and female with different timbres that give a unique character to each number. An eclectic plate so with the theme melancholic strings specific to Hooverphonic. After years of having worked with one specific vote per album we were really excited to work with different people. In the past we often attributed super cool numbers starting from a male voice. In most cases they could be perfectly reworked in a female version but this did not always work. So often gems remained unused. For us it is an obvious choice to use not only womens voices on this album. During our years in the box we got a lot of talented musicians and vocalists from and so grew the idea for the new record said Alex Callier and Raymond Geerts.

A1 In Wonderland 4:37
A2 I Like The Way I Dance 3:04
A3 Badaboum 3:17
A4 Cocaine Kids 3:17
A5 Deep Forest 3:23
B1 Thin Line 3:13
B2 Hiding In A Song 3:09
B3 Praise Be 3:02
B4 God’s Gift 3:32
B5 Moving 3:38
CD-1 In Wonderland 4:37
CD-2 I Like The Way I Dance 3:04
CD-3 Badaboum 3:23
CD-4 Cocaine Kids 3:17
CD-5 Deep Forest 3:23
CD-6 Thin Line 3:13
CD-7 Hiding In A Song 3:09
CD-8 Praise Be 3:02
CD-9 God’s Gift 3:32
CD-10 Moving 3:38