Johnny Cash – The Johnny Cash Children’s Album [Vinyl] [LP] [RSD]


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The Johnny Cash Children’s Album is the 49th album by country singer Johnny Cash, released on Columbia Records in 1975 featuring recordings made between January 1972 and October 1973. As the title implies, it contains songs written for children. Among others, this includes “Tiger Whitehead”, a song later released in an acoustic version on Cash’s posthumous Personal File album in 2006. Most of the songs on the album had not been performed by Cash before. “Old Shep” had been performed by Elvis Presley, among others. One track recorded in 1972 was previously released on LP: “I Got a Boy (And His Name is John)” was first made available on the 1972 album International Superstar. It is a tongue-in-cheek duet between Cash and his wife, June Carter Cash, about their son, John Carter Cash.

A1 Nasty Dan 2:01
A2 One And One Makes Two 2:08
A3 I Got A Boy And His Name Is John 2:48
A4 Little Magic Glasses 2:16
A5 Miss Tara 2:04
A6 Dinosaur Song 1:26
B1 Tiger Whitehead 3:08
B2 Call Of The Wild 2:48
B3 Little Green Fountain 1:45
B4 Old Shep 2:21
B5 (The) Timber Man 2:45